Studio Work

It took a long time for me to consider myself an artist. When I was younger, I always told myself that I could not draw. There was a disconnect between my brain and my hand. That is why I took photos; I could see what I wanted and make it happen. My first drawing class in college changed that for me. I was so worried to take the class but in the end I fell in love with art all over again. My thoughts about myself changed and I truly consider myself an artist. I want to learn everything I can about any artform I am able to, drawing included!

Continue on to see some of the work I have done so far.

Macabre Synthesis

This body work was created as my senior capstone project for my Bachlor of Fine Arts degrees. I really wanted the work to integrate different art forms through different types of media. The work is comprised of photographs that I have taken throughout my college career, exhibiting my photography education. The digital illustrations within these pieces are predominantly comprised of the photographs that I have taken throughout those bodies of work, allowing me to not only utilize my drawing skills, but have a graphic aspect as well. The illustrations were then screenprinted over the printed photographs.  In working with the print making process, I was able to work in another studio art practice as well have have an even more hands on experience with the work. This approach to this work allowed me to utilize my archives as a resource for subject matter and create works using traditional and technological practices, fully allowing me to dive into my passion of integrating disciplines. Each piece is done in an edition of 10. 

Drawings & Digital Illustrations
Mixed Media