Spearfish Mask Campaign

With the behind-the-scenes content, I wanted to share how my process works; how I went from ideas and inspiration to a product I could share with a client. I have included sketches, content, rough drafts, as well as images that sparked inspiration while doing research. I will get to take you on a little adventure and hopefully inspire you along the way!

This project was the first assignment for Advertising and Media; Fall 2020. These posters were created for a client in Spearfish, SD. For the assignment, the class was given the task to inspire the community of Spearfish to wear masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. These were then going to be used around the community of Spearfish. To complete these posters, I used Illustrator and InDesign.


This is not my work and I take no credit for any of these or their contents. This is content I found while doing research that I used for inspiration in this project.