Sanford Underground

Spring 2020.

For both projects we got to work directly with two separate clients at the Sandford Underground Research Facility (SURF). It was a unique and exciting opportunity.

Science and art! Oh, the integration! It makes my soul happy!

Biofilm Movie Poster

Working directly with Becky Bundy at SURF was great. She was wonderful to work with and provided us with a solid idea of what she was looking for. Sanford wanted a movie poster for their education and outreach program that was inspired by the Killer Tomatoes movie poster. Becky provided a great deal of information about the module for the program as well as some scientific information to aid in our research for the project.

Exciting to note: the first poster was the poster that the Lab chose to be put in their program for the fall!

Standard Model Symbols

This project added a bit more science that I was unfamiliar with, however, working directly with Matt Kapust at SURF was exciting. We were tasked with the challenge of coming up with some possible ways to apply symbols to the standard model of elementary particles. Having very little knowledge in this area of science made quite a bit of research a must. We were able to do a couple of video meetings with Matt where he helped to explain kind of what they were looking for and then provided us feedback on our drafts. He wanted a symbol that could represent each particle, gave information on the particle, as well as represented the particles individual characteristics. There are standard symbols for so many other things in science and SURF wanted to see if we could come up with a potential solution to the lack of symbols in this area.