Peaceful Planet

With the behind-the-scenes content, I wanted to share how my process works; how I went from ideas and inspiration to a product I could share with a client. I have included sketches, content, rough drafts, as well as images that sparked inspiration while doing research. I will get to take you on a little adventure and hopefully inspire you along the way!

Project for Computer Production and Imaging; Spring 2021. In this assignment, the class was to come up with a business that sells either coffee or tea products. We were then required to come up with a log for the business and create the packaging for their products. Because of the nature of the assignment, we had to make up this business and create the concepts behind it. My goal was to create something that was environmentally friendly, zero waste, and helped endangered species throughout the world. I researched different species and based the flavors of the coffee and tea around them, as well as researched the individual conservation facilities that the product itself would donate to. I used the Adobe suite software to create these, including Illustrator and InDesign.