New Molt, New Me

Fall 2021 and continuing.

I struggle with a significant fear of spiders. This fear is irrational and bothers me. It is something I chose to face head on. Upon starting this adventure, I had a difficult time looking at photos of large, leggy arachnids. However, because of this process, I find myself unconsciously seeking out, capturing, and eventually owning pet spiders. Producing this body of work forced me out of my comfort zone and into situations where I was face to face with creepy crawlies of all types. 


This project has allowed me to gain a different perspective on these eight-legged creatures. Exposure and education cultivating more understanding and respect (even finding them quite beautiful and interesting). Observing the spiders throughout these images will provide the viewer with an opportunity to develop a new appreciation for them as well. Creating this work has helped me address my fear, allowing me to molt my previous perspectives like discarded exoskeletons, and discover a new me.


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A Vision of Being
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