Commercial Door & Specialties Logo

With the behind-the-scenes content, I wanted to share how my process works; how I went from ideas and inspiration to a product I could share with a client. I have included content, rough drafts, and images that sparked inspiration while doing research. I will get to take you on a little adventure and hopefully inspire you along the way!

Commercial Door reached out to me to redo their logo. They were not sure which direction they wanted to go so I provided them with a few ideas. As things progressed, working with the client, I was able to create exactly what they were looking for in a new logo. This was a great experience and working with them was exciting. This logo was created to encompass all their business needs, including stationary (business cards, letterheads, invoices) all the way to very large pieces for vehicles and garage doors. Adobe Illustrator was used to create this logo.


This is not my work and I take no credit for any of these or their contents. This is content I found while doing research that I used for inspiration in this project.