Bread Winners

With the behind-the-scenes content, I wanted to share how my process works; how I went from ideas and inspiration to a product I could share with a client. I have included sketches, rough drafts, and images that sparked inspiration or were used in the piece. I will get to take you on a little adventure and hopefully inspire you along the way!

This design was for an assignment during Web Design; Spring 2019. The class was given the project to redesign for Bread Winners Café in Texas ( We were to create a logo design as well as a home page and a sub-page of the redesigned website. As this was an entry level class, the designs were created by me, however the photos within the work are not mine and were strictly used to complete the assignment. The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator and the website design was created in Adobe Photoshop.


This is not my work and I take no credit for any of these or their contents. This is content I found while doing research that I used for inspiration in this project. Some of these were used for the content in my design, but again, they are not mine and I do not own them. They were strictly used for this assignment.