More About Uniquely Integrated Artistry

My name is Erica! I am an artist who is passionate about integrating different types of art forms and get excited when I can mix media and create unique pieces of work! 


Art has a way of speaking to people. As an artist, I am enthusiastic about integrating multiple forms of art to tell a story, including graphic design, photography, and fine art. By utilizing multiple practices, I can design unique logos, develop advertising and marketing media with custom photography and artwork, and use technology to create individual works of art; all of which allow me to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that embraces any story.


Additionally, I am very passionate about bringing the horrors in my head to life and being the art director of my nightmares. Having a love for the macabre, I enjoy setting up and designing anything that makes people uncomfortable and allows them to contemplate if morbidity can be beautiful. In doing this, I have experience developing setups for photography and would love to provide this experience to others, including those who enjoy cosplay.

I am currently a senior at Black Hills State University working on obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in both Graphic Design and Photography with a minor in Studio Art.