More About Uniquely Integrated Artistry


Art has a way of speaking to people, because of this, I am interested in presenting questions and eliciting responses. In my artistic practice, I am inspired by creating artwork that changes perspectives (or at least poses questions) and challenges norms. My process utilizes multiple disciplines by working with a large variety of media, this allows me to expand my versatility within my design and studio work.


In my design work, I focus on integrating various types of media to tell a story, including graphic design, photography, and fine art. By utilizing multiple practices, I design logos, develop advertising and marketing media by blending photography and design, and use technology to create individual pieces; all of which allow me to produce distinctive compositions. Having this diverse background in photography and studio work helps to develop and heavily influences my design work.


Additionally, in my studio practice, I am interested in working with subjects that are provocative. Exploring the macabre, much of my fine art involves questioning the aesthetics of life and death and contemplating the beauty within morbidity. Experimenting with these subjects allows me to increase the influence of investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations, contemplating the questions that develop in a multi-layered way while approaching these ideas. In posing these questions, different perspectives can be challenged. In doing so, I can engage and analyze complex feelings and emotions that are elicited through the work with the goal of creating more understanding and appreciation for the relationship and experience with the subject.



Erica Popelka is a South Dakota native. Her artwork is focused on interdisciplinary methods and media and includes work in photography, studio art, and design. She is a current senior at Black Hills State University working on obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in both Graphic Design and Photography with a minor in Studio Art. Erica’s graphic work focuses on design aesthetics and marketing while her studio work explores the macabre and the relationship between beauty and morbidity.


Erica’s work has been exhibited in the Ruddell Gallery, The Black Hills State Photographer’s Gallery, The Black Hills State President’s Gallery, Black Hills State Woodburn Artist Gallery, and the Grace Balloch Memorial Library in Spearfish, South Dakota. Work has been published in books A Day in The Life of Spearfish and New Molt, New Me. In addition to designing both layouts for those books, she also designed the layout for an artist gallery catalog Wokiksuye – A Remembrance of Robert L. Penn. She has completed internships working with the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City, South Dakota, and is an inducted member of the National Society for Leadership and Success.